Tier 1- <1000 Words
$ 0.02 /word
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  • Projects <1000 words
  • Billed weekly
  • Volume Pricing
  • 5% BTC Discount
Tier 2- <5000 Words
$ 0.0175 /word
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  • Projects <5000 words
  • Billed weekly
  • Volume Pricing
  • 5% BTC Discount
Tier 3- 5,001+ Words
$ 0.012 /word
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  • Projects 5001+ words
  • Billed weekly
  • Volume Pricing
  • 5% BTC Discount

Why choose NetBrite for writing your content?

Born and bred in the USA, our writers speak English natively and will write your content in such a way there's no mistaking that a native speaker wrote it.

What kind of content do you write?

We can write pretty much anything. We can write blog articles on nearly any topic, website page content, or even ghostwrite entire books.

How does billing work?

The first 3 articles we write for you will need to be prepaid. After that, we start writing on due on completion terms. Invoices are sent out on Fridays by 11:59pm and are due by Monday. Outstanding bills will incur late fees and stoppage of work.

What if I buy 900 words this week and 5000 next week?

This means that for less 1000 words you're in the lowest pricing tier, so you'd pay the $0.02 per word, or $18.00. That invoice will go out on fridays once work is completed and due. Next week, when we write 5000 words for you, you'll pay just 0.0175 a word, or $87.50. This is a savings of $12.50! Have us do more than 5000 words and you're cost is $60 with a $40 savings! More is better.

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What if I'm not happy with the content?

During the writing process, you'll have opportunities to reject content or approve it. You do get 1 free revision per task, so if you don't like how something turns out, you can ask us to redo it.

Content Writing FAQ

If you've never hired someone to write your content before, or if you have, working with us is easy!

How much does it cost to write....?
  • Let's be honest here. Depending on your content, there may be some research time required. This will add the time it takes to complete your project, and the more words required means the more research we may need to do.

    The thing is, some tasks are easier to write about than others. Regular sales copy, technical writing, and other normal

    type of writing will be charged at normal price. If something looks like it's going to cost more, we'll notify you when we provide the estimate.

How do I engage the Content Writing services?
  • Simply fill out a contact request on this page, or open a support ticket. If you're an active hosting customer,

    we would like the chance to make sure your request isn't something solvable in support.

How long does it take to do common tasks? How often am I billed?
  • You might be wondering about common tasks. Here's a short list of what you can expect when working with us:

    • Blog Article: 15-20 mins
    • Basic WordPress site: 10-15 hours
    • WooCommerce Site: 15-25 hours

    Please note that these are guidelines, and your project may differ. We will let you know, once we've reviewed your project.

    Invoices are generated by 11:59pm CST on Fridays, and due by Monday to ensure development can continue.

Do I have to be a hosting customer to use your services?
  • You do not have to be our hosting customer in order to use Valet services. However, we'd love to earn your business!

    Anything we develop, is developed on our infrastructure, and we can guarantee your code will run on our servers. We can't

    make that same promise about other providers, but we'll do our best to help you tell them what is needed.

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